T-Sinus-Pad (aka Simpad CL4)

This is a Webpad made by Siemens, sold by Telekom and running Linux on it. In the original configuration it had Windows CE 3.0 Handheld PC 2000 by some small software company, but there were hardly any apps available for this plattform.

Technical data:
CPUStrongARM SA1100 206MHz (cpuinfo)
Graphics800x600 8.4" TFT touchscreen with MQ200 controller
Flash16 MB
PC-Card1x Type II 16 bit
InterfacesSmartCard(*), USB (client-only), proprietary adapter (headphones+mic+serial), DECT(*)
Battery life2 hours (surfing), 6-8 hours without display (how about wardriving?)
(*) not supported under linux (yet)